What is your food philosophy?

My food philosophy is simple- eat to feel good.  I think food should always be exciting, creative and delicious and that the best kind of food is food that doesn’t just make you feel good when you’re eating it, but afterwards too. I eat a plant based diet because I believe it’s what’s best for me and for the planet.

What ingredients do you use?

All of these recipes are plant based and I try to avoid processed foods. You can find a list of some of my most used ingredients and the reasons why I use them in my Pantry section.

Do you use a regular oven or a fan oven?

I use a regular oven. All cooking temperatures mentioned in my recipes are for a regular oven. If you’re using a fan oven, as a general rule subtract 20’C from the temperature in the recipe  (eg 180’C in a regular oven is 160’C in a fan oven). However, all ovens differ slightly so all the temperatures mentioned in my recipes are a guideline.

Can I substitute ingredients in your recipes?

Of course! For simple, similar substitutions feel free to substitute in things you prefer or already have, like swapping almond butter for cashew butter or blueberries for raspberries. However, for more complicated substitutions I really recommend sticking to the ingredients listed- each recipe takes a lot of testing and experimentation to get it just right and I can’t guarantee something will turn out well with a substitution.

What equipment do you use?

I swear by my Vitamix. Although they are very expensive they’re incredibly powerful and, for me, definitely worth the investment. They make the runniest nut butters and creamiest hummus and I use mine every day.

I also have a Kenwood food processor,  I use that for things like energy balls and falafel that I don’t want too smooth.

In general, think blender for liquid and food processor for dry and pastes.

Can you give me a calorie count for your recipes? 

I don’t count calories so I don’t have this information for my recipes. I focus on getting a variety of nutrients and colour on my plate, and most importantly enjoying every bite, rather than counting calories.

Can I repost your recipes on my own blog/website/instagram?

I’m so glad that you like my recipe’s and would love you to spread the word but please don’t share full recipes. A lot of time and effort goes in to each recipe so I really like to keep them here unless otherwise agreed. If you would like to write about them or share them, please share a link to the full recipe on here rather than copying and pasting it. Thank you.

Do you do your own photography?

Yes! I’m self taught so I  have no idea what I’m doing really but I do all of the photography and food styling here. I shoot in RAW using a Canon 100D and edit the photos with Lightroom.

Have another question? Feel free to send me an email.