Banana Pops


  • 3 Large Bananas
  • 100g of Dark Chocolate
  • Optional Toppings: Desiccated Coconut, Roasted Chopped Nuts, Cacao Nibs etc

You will need: popsicle sticks

These banana pops are the easiest summer treat and they’re so delicious. Change it up with whatever toppings you like- my favourites are roasted nuts and coconut.

Peel and chop the bananas in half. Stick a popsicle stick into each half and pop them in the freezer for about an hour.

Melt the chocolate and get all of your toppings ready- once the chocolate is on the bananas they set really quickly so you need to be ready to go with the toppings.

Dip the bananas in the chocolate (use a spoon to coat get it all around) in a thin layer of chocolate, then sprinkle on your toppings.

Lay them back out on the chopping board and pop them back in the freezer for a few minutes until set.

Keep them in the freezer.




4 Comments to Banana Pops

  1. Paula Loughnane says:

    Hi Indy, these look yummy! Where do you get the popsicle sticks please?

  2. Sophie says:

    Hi Indy just curious what dairy free dark chocolate do you use?x